why did we start a 1% listing brokerage?

Simply put, we saw the need to focus more resources on our clients versus what the previous generation of real estate companies invested in. Corporate fees, franchising fees, corporate brick and mortar expense's, corporate management fees, corporate retirements, bonuses and all corporate expenses are eliminated. Instead, we pass those savings on to you..... after all it was your equity that paid for that corporate structure.

your savings with the 1% model

A little education on Real Estate: Agents' commission on a property range from 5 to 6%, with the below table illustrating what makes up that commission at a traditional brokerage, versus us.

Sale of a $1,000,000 property
  Traditional Brokerage 1% Listing Broker
Corporate Commission 1% - $10,000 0% - $0
Buyer Commission 2.5% - $25,000 2.5% - $25,000
Seller Commission 2.5% - $25,000 1% - $10,000
Total Commission 6% - $60,000 3.5% - $35,000
Savings passed onto you   $25,000

Notice anything? With 1% Listing Brokerage, you save $25,000 on a $1,000,000 sale. That's more money in your pocket to carry towards your future and family goals.

* Not all Corporate Commissions are the same, the 1 % is an approximate. Most of these corporations even have their agents pay a monthly corporate fee and an additional one time yearly fee. (some companies even charge their agents office desk fees. Not at 1 % Listing Broker! Once again we past those savings on to you our customer!

how much will you save?

Select the value of your home to see how much you will save.

If your home is worth - $500,000

You Save - $12,500

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How can we sell for only 1%?

One percent listing broker's business model is possible because of our emphasis on technology, our innovated processes and our rejection of an outdated corporate structure.

We offer the same services offered by traditional agencies including professional photography, open houses (as many as necessary), online marketing, mass email campaigns, print brochures, drone photography and walk-through online tours.

1% Listing Brokerage is about being lean, nimble and precise. We are not going to waste your time with circular meetings or partial information sharing. We believe in true collaboration, transparency, and learning from all walks of life to ensure our clients receive the best results based on our collective experiences.

1% Listing Brokerage is in the business of helping our clients get the greatest value for their home and enabling our clients to retain the most value during the process for future endeavors, whatever they may be.

What You Won't Find At 1% Listing Broker

  • We don't have large corporate buildings with branded signs, big parking lots (one corporation even has their own golf course)

  • We don't have huge corporate offices with presidents, vice presidents, regional managers, area managers, directors, managers, office staff.

  • We don't have fancy receptionist areas and waiting rooms, receptionist, office managers, assistant managers, coffee machines, desks, cubicles, utilities, cleaning crews, and other overheads.

  • We don't have corporate officers receiving salaries, bonuses, retirements, yearly conventions and yearly trips to the agents that sell the most.

Where does the money for all those buildings, staff and perks come from?

It comes from the equity in your home, it is part of the commission they are charging you. What a great business model for them!

5 stars

Your professionalism and experience showed in how quickly and smoothly the entire sale went. Throughout the entire process, right up until closing, you were on top of every detail.

Chris Smith

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How we sell your home

Our clients benefit from the team's decades of experience in the California market not only because of our history, but our variety. By using market data to our advantage and our understanding of microtrends that remain hidden to today's digital platforms, we ensure your home is sold for the highest price with the lowest costs.

Our Five Step sales process is straight-forward and simple!

  1. We start by meeting for a prep consultation on how to present your home to command the highest value. This meeting can be in person or through video chat based on your family's needs.

  2. After our session, we formulate an optimized marketing & pricing strategy to market your property on the right platforms to the audience that matches your goals & drivers.

  3. As we generate interest in your property, we begin moving to the Open house phase, which generates higher level-of-interest buyers to viewing your home in person to ensure it meets their requirements.

  4. Agents with Buyer showings: We don't waste your time. We only allow fully approved buyers with full documentation packages presented to us prior to the agents with their buyers showing up at your home. No Documentation, No Proof of Funds, No Proof of Financing, No Showing.

  5. When Offers are received, we coordinate all negotiations with you to ensure that you receive the best possible price, terms, and timeline for the sale of your home.

"Our Mission is to Attain the Best Price for Our Clients’ Homes through Modernized Real Estate Business Methods Resulting in Keeping More Equity for Themselves and Their Family. We Pride Ourselves Getting to Know Each Client on a Personal Basis, Assessing Their Needs and Executing a Successful Plan."

the technology of home sales

Imagine if your property could be visible on all major platforms without any additional cost to you. As part of our sales methodology at 1% Listing Broker, we take pride in the use of the latest technologies to ensure our clients' properties are highly visible to the best audiences on today's leading platforms such as Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, Realtor.com. In addition, your property will post on websites which utilize the MLS data feeds, a staple for almost every single real estate company's website. We also offer state of the art imaging and photography to ensure our clients receive the advantages of today's leading platforms and technology without the luxury price.

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Drone Videography

Drones allow us to create videos of your property by flying over your home to show the surrounding area and then entering and creating a video tour of the inside of your home.


A Matterport virtual tour allows us to create a digital version of your home, perspective buyers will then be able to watch videos moving through areas of the house or take control and explore your home themselves.

frequently asked questions

Will my home be on all major websites?

Yes your home will be on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, Realtor.com and every other website that syndicates thier content from the California MLS database. Unless you request it not to be displayed online. The internet is unmatched for marketing and advertising, yet I have had some clients choose not to due to privacy, it's your choice.

Will I have a Real Estate Sign in Front of My Home?

Yes but some people pefer not to. Once again you have the option to not use this marketing technique.

Will I be getting Professional Photos taken of My Home?

Yes we will be employing a professional photographer and videographer to produce marketing content for your property.

Will I be getting Color Flyers or Home Brochures?

Absolutely. I always do my best when it comes to marketing and advertising your home.

Will You Help Offer Suggestions for Prepping the Home Prior to going on the Market?

Absolutely and in person if you would like. I have been prepping and staging homes for over 20 years to get my clients the highest sale price.

Will you be doing Open Houses on My Home?

Yes, I usually sell all my Houses on an Open House…but I also accommodate sellers that choose not to via virtual tours using Video / Matterport. Even though some (a lot) of Brokers/Agents don’t like to do open houses, I highly recommend them! As long as they are staffed correctly. I once sold a home to people who were at a BBQ next door and walked over and bought it. (still you have a choice if you prefer or not) I sell a lot of Homes at Open House and Highly Recommend them.

How will I know when people want to see My Home?

I will contact you directly to confirm viewings. We also have a computer program which handles all of the scheduling for showings you can access directly where you can approve or deny based on your convenience.

Will You Help Negotiate the Offers on My Home?

Absolutely, its one of my favorite things to Do!

Will You Help Us Fill Out All the Required Paperwork for the Sale?

Absolutely, 1% Listing brokerage is a full service brokerage, we will walk you through every step of the process.

Will You Help and Guide Us on the Disclosures Required?

Absolutely. I can help either in person or on the phone whatever is convenient for you.

Will my home be on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?

Yes every house we sell is added to the California MLS database to ensure maximum exposure of your property.

Do We have to have the house tented for termites when we sell our home?

Normally…Most Lenders want to fund the loan on a house which is free and clear of active infestation. Some homes are sold ‘As-Is” in this Hot Market, which is negotiable.

Do we have to fix things around the house before we sell?

Legally, only the items which are required for safety concerns like Smoke Detectors, CO2 Detectors and Water Heater Bracing for Earthquakes. All other repairs are negotiable.

Do You Coordinate the Home Inspection? Termite Inspection? Appraisal? Final Walk Thru Inspection?

Absolutely, every part of the process will be handled for you to ensure selling your house is as easy and stress free as possible.

Will You Meet in Person at Our House?

Yes that would be the best scenario if that is a concern of yours we can either do zoom or a FaceTime so that I may be able to look around your house without being there.

Will You be installing a Secure Lock Box on Our Home?

I usually install an Electronic Key box whichs allows me to schedule and also track the Name, Day and Time of Entry and Exit of All Licensed Brokers/Realtors who enter the home. You also have an option to not have the Box if you prefer and make it Appointment Only.

Do we need to be there In-Person to sign or sell Our House?

Absolutely Not! I’ve sold homes to clients whom I’ve never met in person.

Do You Use E-Sign (Electronic Signature) or Docu-Sign for Paperwork Signatures?

Absolutely! Love Technology! I can have paperwork signed on your phones if you’d like or printed out for your review. Just let us know how you’d like to Communicate.

Can We be out of state and sell our home in California?

Yes, I’ve sold homes to clients whom have never seen a relatives home which they inherited and also handled clients whose family have passed in California where I have handled the entire liquidation and the sale without ever meeting my clients in person.

What Cities and Towns do you work in?

My License says California! Call Me! From Sea to Desert or Mountains!